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Joyce Rainbow

Personally Encoded
& Energized

The Jewelry I make are made from before the zero-point. The zero point is the quantum state with the lowest energy possible (a vacuum state). It contains no physical particles and is the energy of the basic state. It is the state before creation, where everything is created from.

By returning to zero-point, we can reset and erase every program, because here, they never existed. We can get access to the Divine Blueprint of your Soul. My Sacred Jewelry will help you remember and reconnect to your Original Self, the Divine Blueprint of the Soul, your Light Essence.

The Encoding & Energisation

I go into Ceremony with the crystals and charge them with healing frequencies, the intention for the wearer to return through the zero-state, to the Light Essence, being freed from attachments, to stand in your power and truth. To be guided from inside and provide more clarity in every area of your life. Each of them are encoded personally with energies to support you.

I work closely together with many Beings of Love. I easily get access to many Higher Worlds, dimensions and Light Beings. The crystal will be connected with the Worlds, dimensions and Beings that would like to work with you in your Highest Divine Alignment.

I receive New Energies and Updates all the time, as the vibration of the Earth is rising rapidly. Even while your are wearing your piece, it will continue to update with new codes. To return to living from the Heart, as we were originally created. 

  • Charged with Soul Body Fusion®: An energetic technique with which the soul energy fuses with the body. The soul has the highest frequency. That is why Soul Body Fusion® can resolve blockages on all levels.

  • Activates the new 5th dimensional 12 Chakra system, attuned to the 5D energies, transcending duality.

  • Attuned to the Great Crystal of Atlantis.

  • Attuned to Unicorn energies for clarity and clearing layers of illusion.

  • Attuned to the Rainbow Dragons to transmute all energies connected to the old 3D world.

All in your Highest Divine Alignment, not interfering with your Soul lessons and free will.


You are encouraged to set an intention when receiving the pendant. Tell the crystal what you need help with. Crystals have consciousness and are living beings, just like animals and plants, and will support you when you ask for help. Even though we can not see it, they grow and live, only over a much longer period of time that we can not observe. Take good care for it with love and it will take good care of you!

That you may remember who you are. From that knowing, knowing why you are here. And with Great Joy, Ease and Grace being in service by doing what you Love. For all beings to be Happy. For a Deeper Understanding, Kosmic Alignment, Remembrance of the Divine, Being Ourselves and so be freed from suffering.

♥ Light, Love, Earth, United, I AM ♥


* Pendant and stone descriptions, meanings, uses and healing properties are intended as spiritual enhancers and are in no way guaranteed. They should not be considered as medical advice or implemented instead of professional treatment.


Breda, the Netherlands


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