Celestial Harmony Merkabah Earrings

Tanzanite Aura & Angel Aura Quartz

Tanzanite Aura

Infused with gold and the rare indium, the Tanzanite Aura provides multidimensional balance. It opens and aligns the higher crown chakras. This delicate crystal allows cosmic energy to flow into the body and earth. It serves as a conduit for cosmic energies, allowing the gentle flow of divine light to permeate both your being and the very fabric of the Earth. Opening and aligning the higher crown chakras, this delicate crystal encourages a profound connection with the celestial realms.

Angel Aura

Embracing platinum and silver on Quartz, the Angel Aura crystal resonates at a high vibrational frequency, forging a profound unity with the divine. It is connected to the angelic realm. It’s radiant, rainbow hues symbolize hope, joy, and unwavering optimism, while its purifying properties cleanse and revitalize the chakras. As you wear this stone, you are linked to the angelic realm, guided by the benevolent forces that surround you.

Merkabah: Cosmic Unity Consciousness

(meaning light-spirit-body): The upward and downward interlocked tetrahedrons represent the duality of existence—body and spirit—united in the harmony of a singular form. Together, they are one light.

At the heart of each piece lies the Merkabah, a sacred geometric symbol embodying the harmony between light, spirit, and body. The interlocked tetrahedrons represent the profound duality of existence, united effortlessly in the embrace of a singular form. As you adorn yourself with this emblem of unity, you are enveloped in the celestial dance of cosmic consciousness.

About the earrings

In this collection, we present a medley of enchanting jewelry that resonates with your soul, providing a celestial symphony of energies to uplift and empower your spirit. When you choose to wear the Celestial Harmony Merkabah Earrings, you are embracing a true reflection of your higher self and connecting with the boundless wisdom of the universe.

Each piece has been lovingly handcrafted, and can be personally encoded, and energized to enhance its metaphysical properties. Embrace the power of these precious amulets, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

*) Pendant and crystal descriptions, meanings, uses and healing properties are intended as spiritual enhancers and are in no way guaranteed. They are not to be considered medical advice or implemented in lieu of professional treatment.

Size & Material

Earring length: 7,8 cm
Made of Angel Aura, Tanzanite Aura, Silverfilled Copperwire, sterling silver earring hooks, Merkabah pendant of high quality.

Personally Encoded & Activated

All jewelry comes with the option to be Personally Encoded & Energised with healing energies to support you.

Read more about the Encoding & Energisation

How to order

I’m not an official webshop yet, but a hobbyist. Please reach out to me through the contact form link below if you’re interested in buying jewelry.

Shipping Info

The items will be sent from the Netherlands. Shipping prices differ for each country, feel free to get in contact for information about the shipping costs to your country.