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Soul Body Fusion | Joyce Rainbow

Soul Body Fusion ®

Embody your Soul Essence

Soul Body Fusion® is an energetic technique with which the soul energy fuses with the body. This technique was developed by Jonette Crowley from the United States. It is an energetic technique especially for the New Age.

Since health issues come from lack of life energy in the body, and depression, anxiety and other issues come from the mind and ego, this energetic technique can help many people after only one session.

The soul has the highest frequency. That is why Soul Body Fusion® can resolve blockages on all levels.

It is usual to do 3 sessions of 30 minutes each. It can not only be applied to adults, children and animals, but also on places and at a distance.

Where with Reiki the healer decides where the healing is needed, or does this on request, with Soul Body Fusion® the soul decides what healing is needed. Your soul knows what healing is the most benificial to you in the moment, and exactly how much is right for you.

You can have different experiences during a session. One feels little pains, the other expierences emotions or other physical sensations.

Whether you feel it or not, the Soul Body Fusion® always works. The longterm effect is actually more important than the session itsself. Stay aware, and see how your life changes after the session.

It is possible that you react differently to situations, that fears and blockages are gone, you can set boundraries more easily, you are better grounded, or you feel much more confident.
This energetic technique is therefore also very suitable for people with autism, ADD, ADHD, PDD NOS and high sensitivity / HSP (e.g. Starseed / New Age children).

Every cell of your body gets filled with your soul energy, and you can get certain insights that are related to diseases, so that they can disappear. Therefore, keep an eye on your medication use after a session.


Meanwhile and after the session, I will take extra care of you. See if any other support is needed. A clearing of all that has come to the surface. I intuitively receive whatever is needed for you in te moment.

My Experience

I am a Starseed / New-Age child and very sensitive (HSP). I had to be always aware on watching my energy; not absorb feelings of others. I quickly felt overwhelmed by everything around me. From telephones to Wi-Fi, busy areas and other people.
Already after the first session I noticed that I was much more grounded. I felt very comfortable with people around me, and because my own soul energy had become so strong and present, the energies of others simply didn’t get my attention anymore. It was less present. The only thing that caught my attention was my higher state of wellbeing. My thoughts were gone and peacefull, I could easier find the words to say , and I experienced a tremendous sense of unconditional love and peace.
I have also greatly improved on a physical level. I had chronic bowel problems since my childhood. I soon noticed that after practicing Soul Body Fusion®, I was able to relieve myself very easily and with much less pain. Now we are a year further, and I can easily release now. This was a huge burden that has fallen off of me. There are no words for how grateful I am!
Soul Body Fusion® works for me every time highly liberating and feels like coming home as I have never experienced before. I feel very supported and carried since practicing this technique. No matter what I am dealing with, Soul Body Fusion® always helps.

Lieke C. | Review Joyce Rainbow | Soul Body Fusion

Lieke C. 

Joyce is a very pure and refined soul. Together with her I have learned to use Soul Body Fusion and I noticed that she can focus very well, and can be present with her whole awareness. I experienced the sessions I received from her as very powerful and loving. There was no difference when she gave it in my presence or at a distance. I can recommend everyone to experience it for yourself. 

Sabine Z. | Review Joyce Rainbow | Soul Body Fusion

Sabine Z.

This sweetheart of a young, strong woman gave me a Soul Body Fusion energy healing. I can recommend her because I really like the way she interacts. We had a session by phone, since we live more than an hour travelling apart. And it surprised me how well it worked. I was able to sense how the healing energy worked through my body. Joyce was very nice and slowly guiding me through the proces. She explained on forehand what Soul Body Fusion is. During the healing she was checking up on me. And even several days after the healing she stayed in contact to check up on me how I was processing everything. I experience her as a very respobsible healer, kind and tender. I felt seen and most of all carried by her and her love.

What clients experience


Breda, the Netherlands


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