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Tea Table Ceremony

Tea Ceremonies - Cha Dao 茶道

Experience the healing qualities of Living Tea

What a Tea Ceremony looks like


Tea Ceremonies are one of the expressions of my life's work. Creating a safe space where you can completely be yourself, getting in deeper contact with your essence and your own source. Where you can relax, your mind comes to stillness, which makes it easier to hear the wisdom all around us. Nature is always speaking to us and Tea helps to understand what she's saying.

By observing ourselves and nature, we can find deep wisdom that can not be thaught through words. With Living Tea, it is possible to get access to our deeper layers of consciousness.

I use the term Living Tea, as this is different tea than the tea you know from your general tea shops. It comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, but because of the way it's handled, tea from general shops has lost it's healing essence. A lot of harm is done to nature and tea trees by their way of processing.

In my Cermonies we drink only the purest Teas, from so high up the mountains that no pesticides are needed. They are handpicked by tea farmer families that are many generations old. Some of these Tea trees are even as old as 2000 years. I can tell you exaclty how to tea is processed with care, and where it came from. You can be sure the Tea trees are cared for in the most loving way. You can't love Tea without also loving and caring for the forest too.

Drinking Tea has many aspects to it. There is the experience of our senses, the taste and smell. And through a guided Ceremony we can access the spiritual depth of Tea.

Each Tea has a specific energy and effect. There is tea with a lovely taste, but also Tea which has a very feelable but subtle energy to it. I specificly look for Teas with special body feels that can shift your energy.

Some can provide easier access to deeper states of meditation, activate Qi (lifeforce) flow, open the heart, stimulate creativity, calm anxiety, and endless more possibilities. It's important to understand that this is not because of the chemical compounds of Tea. 

The chemical compounds of Tea bring a calm but alert feeling of clearity. Then, depending on the kind of tea, there are endless different energies Tea can make us experience. I like say that this depends on the personality of Tea tree.

The leaf is the expression of the tree's relationship to it's envoirement.

It is easy to see the extraordinary in the extraordinary.  In Tea Ceremony we practice to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. We don't need anthing to experience the extraordinary, it is always here, in the most simply things.

The gerenal energies of different Tea types:

Black Tea carries the warming mother's love.

Green Tea brings the energy of youth.

White Tea carries the rest of a sleeping baby.

Oolong Tea promotes Qi flow and has invites you

to turn inward.

Puer Tea carries the wisdom of an old wise man

with a long history.

*These discriptions are to provide an idea of how tea kinds differ, in reality

each of these tea has a million different tastes and body feelings.

During a Tea ceremony we go on a journey in your inner world and we come into deep contact with ourselves. Together we drink ceremonial Tea of the highest purest quality, Tea that is also drunk by monks.

Tea is very accesible to everyone, everyone can drink it. It is often compared with different plant medicine like Ayahuaska and Cacao ceremonies, even though Tea is different from these plant medicine. For this reason I would like to ask you, to let go of these ideas, let go of everything you know about tea, and let yourself be surprised by experience Living Tea as a teacher, friend, medicine, helper, for enjoyment or as a healing tool.


In 1.5 - 2 hours we drink Tea through multiple (9-15) infusions. Through these infusions I will guide you to access the different layers you can experience Tea. I will share about the origin of the Tea we're drinking, and what processing and journey it went through to now reveal itsself and come alive again for you, in your cup. 

I will use the Gong Fu brewing method to make the best possible Tea for you. With this brewing method we use a large amount of Tea leaves and short brewing times to get the most taste out of the Tea.

I will share stories you never heard before which will help you appriciate Tea more and discover the depth and extraordinary world of Living Tea.

We use our senses, taste, smell, and observe what the Tea does to our bodies and energy system. 

In private tea sessions I will use Traditional Chinese Medicine to decide which Tea and elements you need to get deeper into balance, based on the 5 element teachings.

Forget everything you know about tea and step into the magical and healing world of living Tea as medicine.

Experience a Private or Group Tea Ceremony

I am available for private Tea Ceremonies and intimate group Tea Ceremonies.

Feel free get in contact with me for more information through my email address below or use the contact form.


Breda, the Netherlands


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